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    I yawned, turning over to my side. Wait, how am I able to turn? I opened my eyes, sat up, and looked around me, tiredly. I was no longer tied to the chair, instead I was laying on a bed. The room they were holding me in didn't change, I guess this bed must have been behind me the whole time. I froze, a small snore was sounding right next to me.

    Laying next to me was Luciano. His uniform's jacket was no longer on him, only the black button up shirt that he wore under it. W-why is he sleeping next to me? I felt my face heat up quickly.

    "Mm... Buongiorno, Bella." Luciano said, In a sleepy voice. I quickly exited the bed and stood there staring at Luciano, Luciano sat up slowly blinking his eyes. "How did you sleep?"

    "How did I sleep? Well, I don't know... I wake up to find you sleeping right next to me. How do think I slept?!" I shouted.

    "This is-a my bedroom, so of course I'm going to sleep in my bed. Besides, it didn't look too comfortable sleeping in that chair. I thought I would be nice and let you sleep next to me." Luciano said, yawning. I was thankful that he let me sleep in a soft bed. But the fact that he had slept right next to me made me want to slap him. If anything he could have let me sleep on one of the couches...

    "Thank you.." I sighed, looking at the ground, trying to avoid any eye contact with him. My face was still red and hot, even thinking about how my face must look at the moment made the heat grow.

    "It-a was no problem, Bella." Luciano said with a smile. Why is Luciano being so nice to me? Is he just trying to toy with me? Trying to get me to trust him, just so he can cause me more pain later? Luciano got up and gathered a clean uniform from one of his dresser drawers."There's a bathroom over there for you to use. I will-a have Kuro give you a fresh pair of clothes for today. When you're done getting dressed, come downstairs for breakfast." Luciano said, getting ready to leave the room, his clean clothes in his hands.

    "Alright..." I made my way to the bathroom. Something about Luciano seemed different, from when I first met him anyway. Even though it wasn't that long ago, it seems the Luciano I met then was just a act. Truthfully, Kuro and Lutz didn't seem all that bad either. Except for the fact that Kuro seemed way too stuck-up and Lutz is a first class pervert.

    I opened the bathroom door, the bathroom looked almost as fancy as the bedroom did. I let out a sigh and closed the door behind me, making sure to lock it. I wouldn't want any of those boys to sneak up on me when I was taking a shower.
I stopped in front of the mirror, examining myself. My (h/c) hair was tangled, like I had just rolled down a hill. I lifted a hand to push back one strand of hair behind my ear. I froze once I saw my wrist. Around my wrist was a deep purple bruise. Did they really have me tied down that tight? I looked down, my clothes were still decent looking, despite everything else.

    "I'm going to have to get out of this bathroom sometime, or they'll just think I made my escape." I said to myself. I stripped off my old clothes and walked into the shower. It felt nice to be able to at least get some time alone. Though I'm sure any other girl would be thrilled to get this much attention from three good-looking guys, I wasn't too happy about it.

    When I was little, my parents died. I didn't have any other family to stay with, so naturally, I was put into a foster home. I was only 9 at the time, and a lot of the kids already at the foster home were a couple years older then me. There were plenty of boys, and only one other girl there with me. She was shy, one year older then me, and never said much to anyone.

   One day, I walked into the boy's, they had her trapped in a corner. They were insulting her, and pushing her around. I had no idea what to do. But as soon as one of them tried to hit her, I ran out in front of her. I told them that they would have to go through me first if they wanted to hurt  her. The boys looked at each other, and told me that I wasn't worth their time. They left. As soon as the boys were gone, the girl hugged me, saying thank you.

    Her name was Rose, and she was my best friend. A year later, Rose was adopted by a rich couple. She told me if I ever needed anything, all I had to do was call her. Rose was the reason why I was here. She invited me to her baby shower. Apparently she had found a guy that wasn't totally full of crap. Too bad... It doesn't look like I'll ever get the chance to meet him...

    Someone knocked on the door, I got out of the shower quickly, wrapping one of the towels that was available around me.

    "I have clothes here for you, I will put them in front of the door. I will come back later to grab your dirty clothing, so just leave them there." Kuro said, something lightly tapped the floor. As soon as I knew it, I could hear Kuro's footsteps exiting the room. I unlocked the door cautiously, as soon as I opened the door I grabbed the clothes and slammed the door shut, locking it.

    I looked at the clothes. It was a uniform, and it looked a lot like Luciano's. I sighed, are they really going to make me wear this? I looked back at the pile of clothes I had abandoned, debating if I should re-wear them. Wearing these shouldn't be that bad, I thought, looking back at the fresh pair of clothes.

    I brushed through my tangled (h/c) quickly, until it looked completely normal. I quickly put on the clothes I had been given. Surprisingly, it was comfortable to wear. I looked myself over in the mirror. The uniform I was wearing looked pretty dang good on me. Though I wasn't a huge fan of skirts,  I think I am willing to let this one slide.

    I unlocked the door and walked out. As soon as I left the bathroom I was able to smell food cooking. I had no idea what it was, but it smelled amazing. I let my nose guide me to the kitchen. Soon enough I was standing in a dinning room, Lutz and Kuro were already there sitting down at the table. As. Soon as Lutz saw me, he let out a loud wolf whistle. Kuro glared at him but said nothing.

   "And here I thought that those clothes wouldn't look good on you." Lutz grinned," you just proved me wrong."

   "Shut up, before I punch all your teeth out." I growled, sitting as far away from Lutz as possible. Something flew past the table and landed directly in the wall behind Lutz. Lutz froze in his seat. I looked over at the object that was stuck in the wall. It was a butter knife.

   "Do not treat (y/n), like you would treat a random girl off the street, Lutz. If you do, I will personally make sure that you will never be able to have children."  Luciano's voice growled from the kitchen.

   "I appreciate your help Luciano, but I would rather be the one to take away his ability to have kids." I said darkly, glaring in Lutz's direction. Lutz let out a sigh, picking up his fork. He twirled it around in his hands, clearly bored now that he couldn't mess with me.

   Luciano soon entered the room carrying four plates. He place one down I'm front of Kuro, then Lutz, Mine, and then he placed one down for himself. Laying on the plate was pasta. I, myself, happen to love pasta.

   As soon as we were all done eating, I took the dishes from everyone and went into to eh kitchen to wash them. Luciano followed me, curiously.

   "Are you going to do the dishes?" He asked.

   "Yeah, why? Did you want to do them?" I asked, looking at him.

   "No... It-a just surprised me that's all." Luciano said, quickly  looking away.

   "You allowed me to sleep in a bed, take a shower, and let me eat some amazing pasta. Not many kidnappers I know would even let their victims do any of the things I just listed. This is my way of thanking you. Except for the kidnapping part, I'm not thank you for that." I began washing the dishes. Luciano never left the room, he staid and watched me like I was the most interesting person he had ever met. As soon as I was finished I looked at him.
   "What?" He asked.

   "What am I supposed to do now?" I asked.

   "Well I'm guessing you don't want to go back into that room. So how about you come with me?" He asked, holding out his hand to me.

   "Where are we going?"

   "I just want to show you something, Bella, I promise nothing will happen to you." He chuckled. I took his hand. Luciano led me down the hall and into a large living room. He then lead me threw a pair of large doors that led outside.

   As soon as we walked out the door, we were standing in a lovely garden full of many different flowers, there were too many flowers there for me to name. Luciano and I walked down a small brick path. At the end of the path was a large water fountain. Luciano sat down at the edge of the fountain and patted the spot next to him. I sat down, looking around at all of the colorful flowers around us.

   "It's beautiful, isn't it?" Luciano said, looking at the flowers.

   "Who did this?" I asked in wonder.

   "I did, I have been working on this garden for a long time. So I'm not too surprised it turned out the way it did." Luciano smiled. I looked at Luciano, he made this garden all by himself? The thought almost seemed impossible.

   "It's perfect."

   "Almost perfect. There is still one or two things that are needed." Luciano said with a sigh.

   "Like what? I don't see a single thing wrong with it!" I exclaimed.

   "It's a place that must be shared with someone, and  I have no one to share it with. Kuro and Lutz don't really care-a much for my hobby." Luciano frowned.

   "Why don't they? I think it's a pretty good hobby. It's better then half of the others people have. " I shrugged.

   "You Bella's see things a lot different then us men." Luciano whispered lowly. Luciano and I didn't say anything for awhile. It was almost depressing to see Luciano sad that he couldn't share his garden with anyone.

   "If you really want someone to share this place with, then it would be a honor to be the one to share it with you." I smiled at him.

   "Really?" He said, a little surprised at my words.

   "Of course. This garden is beautiful, it would be a shame to pass up a wonderful opportunity." I laughed. Luciano wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. I stiffened, not expecting that Luciano would hug me.

   "Grazie..." He whispered.

   "No problem..." I whispered back, hugging Luciano back. Luciano isn't a bad person, that much I knew now. If he were really a horrible person he wouldn't have even let me do half of the things I had done this morning. Do kidnappers usually treat their victims like this? I thought with a small laugh. Of Course they didn't, or other wise I think some of the people who did get kidnapped wouldn't want to leave their kidnappers side. Sure, the victim would miss their family at first. But as time begins to pass, their feelings will seem to fade away and seem like nothing but a memory.

    Luciano pulled away from me, looking into my eyes. His face slowly inched closer to mine, soon his lips were pressed down on mine gently.

    No, I don't really think I regret getting kidnapped by Luciano. In fact it has got to be the best thing that ever happened to me. Even though I am going to have to live with Lutz and Kuro as well, I don't think it will be all that bad. Soon I will get used to seeing them and as long as Luciano is around, I'll be happy.

    "Ti amo, (y/n)." He whispered against my lips.

    "I love you too, Luciano..." I whispered back with a small smile. A wolf whistle rang somewhere near us. Luciano pulled away and looked around the garden.

    "Lutz! Don't-a you have anything better to do?!" Luciano shouted, his cheeks flared red.

    "Nien~." Lutz laughed.

    " Yep, I think I'll be just fine here." I laughed, kissing Luciano once more.
Well this is the end lol. 

To tell the truth I had no idea where I was going with this story in the first place.
Hope ya liked this short little story~ :'3 

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